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When copying and pasting a room that has wall tile. The duplicated room will not have the wall tile that was in the original room that I tried to duplicate. Being able to copy and paste everything that is in a room would be really helpful. 




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    To copy and paste a room with walls you first want to save the room to your 3D Library in the View tab/3D ribbon.  Once saved to the 3D library the 3D room can be selected and pasted into your current project or future projects 

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  • I believe you have to have walls showing when you select the room and then it will copy, that's been my experience at least. I would prefer that it worked without walls showing though.

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  • Matt, that has not been my experience, but rather you have to have the walls selected along with the floor in order to copy/paste.

    David, I understand that is the programmed design, but a simple copy/paste is much more natural.  If I had used your method for the past three years my 3D library would be so over populated that I would never find the correct room.  Not to mention if i happen to select the wrong 3D room the original products used to create that room would automatically be added to my product list.  Now I have to spend time and energy managing my product list.

    Like I said a simple copy/paste action is more natural and produces more direct results w/out unwanted side effects.  In my opinion it is worth the programming time.  

    Actually, if you think about it, it is a bit misleading. You want to duplicate the room, but the function doesn't actually do that.  I vote with Jake, the wall tile should be part of the copied room.

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