Remove the Checkout Duration feature for License Activation

Remove the checkout duration feature so that license activations are indefinite. Once logged in, a Measure license will simply remain activated on the computer until it is deactivated in one of the following ways:

  1. The same user logs into another computer and chooses to deactivate the original computer that they are already logged into
  2. A company administrator revokes the license via
  3. RFMS Support revokes the license
  4. The license expires

This will completely remove the problem with Measure shutting down to an inability to verify license activation, something that can happen when a user goes to lunch or their computer goes to sleep for a few minutes. It will improve flexibility for our users who often use different workstations to perform their work. It will also improve access to Measure during outages like the one experienced on September 4, 2018 since most existing users will not have to login to use Measure to begin the workday.




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