Transition Handling in RFMS Desktop

As it stands, measure standard edition and measure premiere both do not offer any way to handle transitions for floated floors in a practical way that applies to the way these transitions are sold. Transitions for floated floors and hardwood floors alike are always sold as "each" rather than by the Linear foot, and are manufacture in standard lengths, most commonly 94" and sometimes other irregular sizes. There should be some mechanism by which I can have an "each" style transition product imported into Measure premier but still use the transition button functionality to assign them to various areas of the drawing. Finally, the measure program should then calculate the linear footage of these products, then check it against the user input transition length to determine how many sticks of each transition are required and adding them to worksheet.

Response from RFMS:

"At this point you would need to enter your trim as the LF and put the qty/box as the 94".  You would need to convert the Each Price to a LF price for it to calculate this correctly.

Unfortunately if you get your products from the cloud changing this would result in exporting an unreferenced line where you would need to convert back in RFMS."

This isn't a great solution because we cannot order these products from the manufacturer as a sold-by Linear Foot Item, therefor I must go back in after exporting this into RFMS Order Entry and manually adjust the lines back to B2B lines so that I don't create unreferenced items in my cloud data that eventually clutter and make it unusable without frequent clearing.




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