Pull a negative price from Core to Mobile Measure for discounting purposes

We'd like to create a line item that has a negative price such as  -0.10 which can then be multiplied by a quanity (either a material quantity, or a dollar amount) to create a line item discount that is displayed to the customer.  Currently we can only pull in a positive price, and have to manually adjust it to negative. 

Price levels just show the level's price, doesn't communicate the savings to the customer because it isn't shown relative to another level/price.

Overall project discounts don't allow for any explanation, and aren't linked to any lines, so can lead to confusion about what changes may happen on a job if certain lines are altered... example, 10% off the job total is off the total, it doesn't say that a   Demo was $200 and is down to $180. 




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  • We're still hoping this can be something for the near future, we'd like to have more discounts that we can not only implement on the invoices, but also track like an item to see how often they are used.  Some of these may be flat amounts like

    "Discount for posting to social media"    <$100.00>

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