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Currently in Measure I can generate a Worksheet report that has a Style grouping by Room while also including Line Items so that the report gives me a breakdown of each room in my drawing and for each room includes the primary material along with all add-on items each item with a quantity needed for that room.  This would be a meaningful report for my project managers, however, we have the following issue with it:

When my rooms include Stacks, the report will treat each Panel of the stack from each wall of the room as a separate room.  For example, if I have a room named 110 Men's RR that has four walls and I've applied a stack that has a tile cove base, field tile half way up the wall, a single row of a different color as accent band and then field tile to the ceiling the report will breakdown quantities by panel by room - it will be broken out to 16 separate groups when in reality it all belongs to one room.

This is troubling because I work on some very large commercial jobs that often have many rooms with intricately designed wall tile patterns and the result is that a rooms quantities will be broken down beyond usefulness and the report becomes nonsensical.  What should be a 13 page report becomes a 192 page report.

similarly transitions are listed out individually.  If I've applied three reducers to a single room the report will not consolidate the linear footage of the three on a single line. 

I would like the report fixed so that items that should logically be grouped and consolidated be so.  To me that means all vertical panels be grouped under one room heading w/ the panels that make up that entire room having consolidated quantities for each material.  And transitions with in a room should consolidate as long as they are the same item.  I would also like to be able to group Lines so that the attached materials consolidate for all lines with in the group instead of being listed out individually.

The above request would reflect a report that would be very effective for my project managers.  The current state of the report is much less effective.



  • Try this Jerry, this might do the trick.  If not what do we need to do better ? 


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  • That helps a little, but the end result that I need in order for the room breakdown report to be useful is for each product to have a sum total for the room to which it belongs. Current result (even with checking the box you indicate) are that quantities belonging to a single room are being fragmented on many different lines.  The current result renders the report nonsensical 

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  • Can the room breakdown report consolidate quantities? I have two screen shots below - the first two pages of the worksheet report.  I'm hoping to show material, add-on, and labor quantities per room.  In the screen shots below you can see that for each room some materials are fragmented instead of consolidated.  This is not at all helpful.  In the first image of the report what needs to happen is for the report to give a single line with the amount of WT-2 used at Room 101 and so on for each product in each room.

    I'm talking about the worksheet report with the following settings

    Currently this is the resulting report... not very helpful!

    page two

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