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    Matt Weigel

    Yes make it a configurable option under the File - Measure Options properties by all means, but I don't support making this a default feature. You may, at some point, find it easier to divide your drawing into duplicate tabs for each areas you want to price out in your estimate, rather than drawing everything on the same tab. If you're working on projects with a lot of vertical surfaces you will understand that things get very cluttered when showing walls and ultimately, having everything on the same page won't show you breakdowns for each product type, area, or however you want to sort your pricing totals for your estimate (that is if you're typing one afterwards). So, when working on a full project in sectioned off portions, you really don't want to sort through 68 lines of products and labor to find the quantities you want to adjust, you'd much rather see this on its own separate sheet for just that product, or area, if that makes sense.

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