Calculating Wall Vinyl



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    David Quinn

    Good morning Chris, hope all is well on your side of the world.  Can you offer some more specifics on the product used and the type of application this product is used in.  I have not come across anyone here in the US that comes across this type of install.



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    Chris Ogden

    All is good over here Dave, thanks.

    So the product is wall vinyl, glued to the wall. Vinyl will be installed in runs down the wall, so we will have joins the width of the vinyl (usually 2m) apart. Where the installer comes to a corner, the vinyl will be folded into the corner and continue on to the next wall. In other words, there is not a join at the corner as a plan out of Measure might indicate. In the screenshots above, the first shows how Measure currently indicates a join on each wall, plus joins at the corners. The second screenshot does not have joins in the corners,

    The quantities calculated by Measure are sufficient, but the join placement is incorrect. 

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