CAD file imported as image?


AutoCAD file is imported as image file. What I mean is when I draw polylines in AutoCAD and try to import it in RFMS to assign products, the CAD file is imported as image, so i cannot assign products, I have to draw these polylines again. is there any option available where I can retain CAD polylines?



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    Measure is not a Cad program, there is no interaction between the Cad as we treat it as an image.  The only editing we can do is turn off/on specific layers of the Cad.

    The program is designed for you the user to overlay your flooring and trim materials on the blueprint and then lay and price the project out.

    We do have a new take-off blueprint feature can make the drawing of rooms and materials quicker but the drawing have to be real clean in order to maximize this tool.  

    Demo of the tool is here  


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