Display the Style # on the Product Selection screen that appears while on the Drawing screen, or from within the Stacks dialog

Add more information to the product selection screen when applying products to drawing. Example: when estimating plastic countertop laminate in a drawing, it may be necessary to have multiple products with the same name, but that have different "slab sizes". When using product selection screen, there will just be multiple products with the same info showing and no way to tell which size you're selecting. Example 2: When estimating for vinyl plank flooring that requires transitions, transitions often come in with the same name as the actual flooring but have the "Quarter Round" or "Reducer" in the style # column, which doesn't show through the product selection screen, so there is no way of telling which of the 8 products is the "Quarter Round" without altering the name of it, then you've lost the connection with the B2B products and end up creating unreferenced lines through quote exporting in order entry.

Reasoning: functionality, I run into this daily, and while it can be worked around, its annoying and requires me to rename several products.



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  • This would be a very welcome change.  The commercial projects we bid are architecturally specified.  This means that many are not represented in B2B.  For this reason we leave primary finishes unreferenced, but we include the architect's material label (CPT-1, VCT-1, LVT-1, etc.) from the material key in the style # column.  That label is a helpful piece of info for our whole team.  It would be very helpful to be able to see this label when selecting a product to apply to a room.  Currently we have to also add the label to the style name column and then later delete it from Bid Pro.

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