Add EA or PC type products to Transitions or as Edge Material

Add the ability to apply edge materials that are not sold by the LF. Schluter Trim metals are sold by the EA and have a length of 8' 2 1/2". Currently, there is no way to apply these as an edge material to be calculated by the software. Reasoning: this is contrary to the purpose of the software, manually measuring things is supposed to be alleviated through the use of measure and measure premier, also, it gives you more confidence to apply it when drawing than to go back after and make sure you're hitting all the outward facing edges of the tile.



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    Jerry - thanks for the great suggestion. We are working on the design of this feature at present. We hope to see it in an upcoming version of Measure Desktop later this summer or early fall. 

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  • I use schluter metal and Johnsonite resilient trim/transition strips every day in my bids.  If I program them using EA or PC as the unit of measure and then apply them to rooms using the transition tool or applied to a room edge then Measure gives me a zero quantity in the worksheet since it currently cannot auto convert the linear dimension to a pc count.  I've even tried using an advanced calculation to achieve a pc count but that fails. The end result is that I have to accept a strictly linear total in Measure and then manually convert it to a pc count in bid pro.  If Measure had the ability to auto convert linear totals to a pc count that would be a meaningful improvement.

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