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We have a premier subscription for the desktop version of measure, thus, it is my understanding that we should be able to import blueprints into measure mobile. I am however not finding the option to do so. Why would this be? Also, once imported can we scale, edit and trace them to get quotes like you can in the desktop version?



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    Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately, that is not the case. Measure Mobile does have the ability to view blueprints that were imported and scaled in Measure Premier. At the present time, Measure Mobile is not designed for tracing over the top of blueprints - Measure Desktop is still the best tool for that job. Instead, the purpose of viewing blueprints and the associated takeoff in Measure Mobile is to perform onsite field verification. 

    As Measure Mobile continues to evolve, it is likely that takeoff ability and perhaps even import and scaling of PDFs will eventually appear as available features in the future. 

    Hope that helps. Thanks for the question!

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  • Shucks, Thanks for the quick reply Kurt! Looking forward to seeing it evolve down the road. 

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  • Agreed, Steve! We do too. Take care. 

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  • In the same vein, projects created in Desktop, saved to the cloud are available to MM, but it there are individual pages (like 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor, etc) how can they be incorporate into a single quote?

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