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Posted by Matt Wagner

When applying product to areas in desktop measure, I would like to see an option for "keep add ons". This would save hundreds of hours per year.

We use add-ons religiously and we currently have to re-select them everytime a product is changed (even if it is the same product code).



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  • I can see the merit in this, but it does leave open the opportunity for error. If a product type changes, the danger is that the option is mistakenly selected to "keep add-ons". On a large project, it could be difficult to pick up the error whereas it is easy to see if add-ons have not been applied to an area.

    I don't think it's something that shouldn't be done as suggested, but in the meantime, I would train to use the copy add-on feature in the Product List. If you have a generic product with all of the add-ons for that product type, you can quickly copy those add-ons to a new product used in a project.

    Perhaps the answer would be to have an option to "Keep Room Add-ons". i.e add-ons specific to the room that will be required regardless of the product.


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