RFMS Online Checklist organize lines

When adding items to a checklist, if the list is longer than "one page", the red plus icon (to insert a new checklist item) is in the way of organizing lines.  It is difficult to get last row of the 6 dots to show.  You have to move the scroll bar around ever so carefully, just under the red plus sign in order to grab and drag the line.  

Each time a new checklist item is made, it defaults to the bottom so when the list is longer, adding new lines are hard to grab and move up.

*If the red plus sign could be moved one inch or so to the left, this would move the icon over enough to see the 6 dots in order to drag and move the lines.


Thank you.



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    Hi Dana,

    We are planning a host of improvements to our admin site over the next 6 weeks. We'll include this as part of those. Thanks for the great feedback!

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  • I noticed the last checklist line item is not hidden by the red plus sign, so now we can easily move the line.  Thank you!!!

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