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I would like to request a change in how Measure processes actions like: Save, Save As, Import Blueprint, PDF Report Creation...

  1. Currently Measure starts at the Default Project Folder that I have indicated in Measure Options. 
  2. From there I have to navigate to the desired folder (usually multiple steps). 
  3. This is inefficient because I have to repeat this navigation process every time I need one of the actions above.  In my case this will be three or more times per bid.

I would like for Measure to simply default to the last known location.  This will be more efficient since the majority of the time the last known location will be the desired location.  The only time that I will have to navigate to a new location is when I'm starting a new bid.

This would mimic the behavior found in RFMS Bid Pro (when I attach files it always defaults to the last known location)




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    Hi Jerry,


    This is something I've had requested as well.  I'll get it written up.  Thanks for the suggestion!



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  • Good to hear from you Jacob, thanks for for comment!


    Look forward to seeing you this Wednesday for training!

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