Measure Premiere Time Clock

I would like my estimators to have the capability of clocking in when opening certain projects so we could generate reports to see how long estimates take to produce and how often we have to update the measure.  We keep track of this separately but it seems like an easy add on to the software so we don't have to track from two different programs.



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  • In principle, I like this suggestion and would support it. However, it would need to be quite clever if it was going to provide reliable information. For example, Measure would need to recognise that, after a set period of inactivity, the project is not being worked on. Otherwise, you will have jobs open and counting time over meal breaks and when phone calls are being made. Would it be possible for Measure to recognise that nothing has happened in the software for say five minutes, at which point the time tracking would stop and restart only when work on that project starts again?

    This would be well received by a lot of clients.

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