Enhancing Sample Functionality

Sample management is a key part of managing a sale.

I would expect a functional Sample process in Measure Mobile would be welcomed as a stand-alone sample issuing process in-store. For RFMS users and non-RFMS users, it would be a very effective and professional way to gather customer information and to issue samples.

Most users want to be able to issue a sample docket showing details of the samples issued (Range and Colour), along with a date by which they should be returned. The docket can be emailed. At the time products are tagged within Measure Mobile as samples, the option to select a date for return should be available. The default date can be two or three days, but the salesperson should have the ability to override the date.

A Sample Docket could be available for printing as an icon at the bottom of the current main icons (Rooms, Checklists ... Installer Doc etc.). On tapping this, all products tagged as samples in the project will be listed. 

Desirable options will be:

  • Ability to create a customised default sample message in RFMS Online that will appear on the sample docket
  • The option to create In RFMS Online a sample price if samples are not returned. The default sample price will show against all lines on the docket. If this option is used the client would include a comment in the default sample message
  • For RFMS clients the sample docket should be able to be imported into RFMS as an Order if the samples are not returned
  • For RFMS clients using CMM, the option should exist to automatically create a sales lead
  • For RFMS clients, issued samples should be reported in the Sample Management Report and removed if returned via the Measure Mobile app

Managing samples is one of the most difficult processes to maintain in a flooring business. Very few flooring businesses do it well, and most would love to be able to do it better. Providing a solution in Measure Mobile would add a lot of value for users.

I'm sure that my suggestions are not definitive, others will have other ideas.






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