100% Consistent Bug That Crashes Measure




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    David Quinn

    I don't think that is a bug we have never had the ability to delete a hole or a point on a hole.  Yes it does create a crash and I can report it to our development group.

    What would be the purpose to delete a point on an 5 point elliptical hole?

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    James Bukowski

    Well, I was working with a model that has a garden tub that I needed to resize for a master bath option. I didn’t want to delete the entire tub because that would also delete my add-ons. I figured I’d just delete the ellipse and create new one for the new tub, then measure crashed. I though this kind of bug would be something you’d all want to know about. Granted, it’s very rare to actually have a need to delete an ellipse point. Thanks for the rapid response!

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    Kurt Wilson

    Hi James, 

    Thanks very much for reporting this. As David mentioned, we'll get this resolved and included in a future update. 

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