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It would be great to have some settings as global, being able to be set by an administrator. For example, there are several settings that we use with the same configuration with everyone in our company and currently I have to set them each individually on each device. For example, everyone uses the same project settings (extends through doorways, minimum cut width, cut gap, grid units, max cut group length, etc.).

Also we have on the installation tab, our settings on that screen the same for the whole company (Room name size, dimension size, etc.) If we could set a default as an administrator for everyone that would be incredible.





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    Hi Jon, 

    Thanks for the feedback! This is a planned feature that is coming soon. Would you feel a need to prevent the users from adjusting the settings thereafter, or is it sufficient to simply apply the settings as default?

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  • Hi Kurt - thanks so much for the quick response! I don't think it would be necessary to lock the settings down, mainly because there may be a situation that's outside the normal scope of our jobs that might need something set differently. Applying the settings as default would be good enough I think.

    Also, here is a comprehensive list of the settings I currently have to set manually for each user:

    Measure Mobile - Project Settings

    • Extends through doorways
    • Minimum cut width
    • Pattern repeat at start of roll (toggle)
    • Cut gap at end of roll (toggle)
    • Majority of fills at end of roll (toggle)
    • Show grid (toggle)
    • Major grid unit
    • Minor grid unit
    • Show default walls (toggle)
    • Cut increment
    • Maximum Cut Group Length

    Measure Mobile - Proposal

    • All checkboxes on right column

    Measure Mobile - Installation

    • All options on right column, including sizes

    I hope this is helpful!

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  • This has been requested by users in Australasia. The wish is to achieve consistency across Measure users in respect of how projects are estimated and presented. 

    Some might wish to prevent settings from being adjusted, but when it comes down to it, I don't see how this would be workable. Like Jon, I think users will need to have the ability to change settings from time to time.


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  • Is this available yet?  - A global setting 

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