Fix Advanced Calculation

I frequently use advanced calculations to get more accurate quantities from Measure (for sundry and labor items), but some operations don't seem to calculate.  Here is an example:

Adding Crack Isolation to my bid

  • Using the lines tool I draw a line from point A to point B
  • In the lines properties box I add a product from misc category called Crack ISO Memb
  • I have add-ons programmed to this product to cover material and labor
  • The first add-on in the image above is labor which simply uses the perimeter, selected segments property to get the line length.  This successfully gets the correct linear dimension.
  • the second is the membrane material which is a 3' wide roll.  We stock it so I sell it by the SF
  • My advanced calc formula is essentially this, "Length x 3", however, as can be seen in the image above, it simply returns the length of the line - Incorrect!  The operation "...x 3" appears to be completely ignored.  Why?
  • I've tried using the following properties in this formula all with the same incorrect result
  • Both of these properties will successfully get the correct linear total.  The failure appears to be in the operation.
  • I've even tried this...
  • Yet somehow I still get the same incorrect result...

This issue affects me daily in that every bid prepared by Measure contains certain items that I have to manually calculate and or edit after export to bid pro.  This defeats the purpose of using the software  Please fix this issue!



  • Why don't you just use the area of the space to get the square footage of crack isolation membrane you need given you sell it by the SF? Maybe I'm missing something, but I generally add my material (in this case tile), to a drawn area, then as an addon to that drawn area, I will add my crack isolation membrane (i.e ditra mat, stratamat etc.) If you want to order more than just the net area in isolation membrane then just make an advanced formula on the isolation membrane product that takes the netarea and multiplies by 1.05 for 5% or whatever you want.

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  • Matt, 

    thank you for your comment!  If I were selling ditra I would use the method you propose, but I'm talking about a membrane that is used strictly to isolate saw cuts and/or cracks - not full coverage.

    I'm using a line (point A to point B), and therefore it has no SF, only a linear foot.  That is why I need a calculation.  

    I would simply use a room add-on, except that I only need crack iso at the concrete saw cuts and not the entire room area.  If I want to use a room add-on I would have to figure it manually per room, which would be a much worse scenario.

    In summary, I sell the membrane by the SF and the labor by the LF.  Both are based on the LF of saw cuts.  As such, the SF needed will not equal the sf area of the room.

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  • Ahhh, that makes more sense, thanks for the clarification, Ill keep thinking if there might be another way to make that work

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  • Thanks for pressing for the clarification Matt!  I didn't  realized I had overlooked that key point :-)

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