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The ability to move and organize lines in Measure Mobile is Fantastic!  Can this feature be added to Measure Desktop?  It would save us so much time.  Especially for large commercial jobs, having the ability to quickly organize the lines how we need them to appear so they export in the same order to Bid Pro.  This is a critical and a necessary step for accurate bids especially when working with hundreds of lines.

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    Hi Dana,

    This functionality is currently available in Measure Desktop. Select a Worksheet line by left-clicking the grey box directly to the left of it. Once the line is highlighted in blue, click and drag that same grey box up or down and release the mouse button to drop it in its new location. If this isn't working for you or you have further questions about it, please feel free to open a support request with the Help Desk and one of our technicians will be happy to assist you.

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