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1. Currently if I'm using a sealed concrete or epoxy product on a project, I set those projects up in my Misc. tab with the unit of measure as sq ft. If I need to self cove areas Measure won't allow me to use the coving tool to self cove 6" up the wall, instead I have to enlarge the room 6" to account for the material up the wall. 

The problem with that is that if I have a 10' x 10' room and I attach self cove through the add ons it will show 40 lf of self cove which is correct, but as soon as I enlarge the room 6", for the self cove material, it will now show 44 lf of self cove which is not correct. This can be a real issue if we have a large job with many rooms or areas that get self coved epoxy or sealed concrete or any product that isn't a roll good. 


2. I would like for Measure to multiply the Net #'s on the form or totals sheet, the way it does for the Gross #'s when using the multiplier. If I'm doing a hotel with 150 rooms of 12' carpet, I can do one room and use the multiplier tool to multiply by 150, but when I go to the totals page only the Gross # is multiplied out by 150. So I may have a Net number of 80 yds and a Gross # of 12,000 yds. If I need to put say  a moisture barrier under the carpet I ideally could just go to the Net # for the carpet and use that as my quantity for moisture barrier but since Measure doesn't multiply the Net number I'm unable to use that. When we have multiple room types, and quantities of each, it would be very helpful to have the correct Net #'s to use. 





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    We have a development story for number 1 Gary, no ETA on when, as for number 2 if you created an add-on for the moisture barrier and have it be calculated via Area which would be the gross and then apply the multiple to that add-on. 

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