Allow import of multiple PDF documents at the same time

My company does quite a few hotel projects and other large projects through the year. Sometimes plans are one pdf if 200 pages. Other times they are 200 PDFs with 1 page in a pdf.

When I import different floors or unit types, it would be so helpful if I could import multiple PDFs at the same time so it's not as time consuming.

I understand your computer can run slower, but even 5 pages or certain MB amount at a time would be much more helpful.



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    Hi Connor,

    Thanks for your suggestion! We don't currently have that on our roadmap, but I can see where that would be useful. I'll leave this post open in our community to allow other users to chime in on the benefit of this feature. 

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  • I think I understand the need here, but correct me if I'm wrong. We import multiple PDF's at a time and if the project files download with a single document in it's own PDF, I have Adobe Standard and combine all files into one PDF and import that file into Measure.

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