Create new blank measure. option to create a new file or go straight to Worksheet

Working with client who is heavy Measure user.  They want to start a new worksheet without having to create a file.  They are currently logging all the way out of Measure to get a new worksheet without having to save to file.


Jennifer Herrera 

Denver Flooring and Finishes

Denver, CO  



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    Even before this system was in place, our recommended best practice when starting a project was to save it into a new file. The reason for that is Measure's automatic backup system, which has to have a file name established in order to begin doing its job. Unfortunately it became a regular problem where users would push ahead with a new project--perhaps investing many hours in it-- and then experience an unexpected system crash or power outage and lose all of their work because they never took that first, important step of saving the project.

    I agree that the extra prompt is annoying when you are in a hurry, but it serves an important purpose.

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