Material Labels shown in room name

My team (estimators, sales people, project managers...) as agreed that it is necessary to include the material labels in the room name.  When I say material labels I mean from the architect's material key; these would be labels like the following: CPT-1, VCT-1, LVT-1, RB-1...

For example, one room would be named like this, "101, CPT-1, RB-1", and another room like this, "VCT-1, RB-1".  

Often it is difficult to use strongly contrasting color chips for differing materials so when the installer has one of our diagrams he is unsure if a room should have carpet or vinyl tile (because the color chips are similar).  The benefit of naming rooms the way we do then is to help ensure the correct material is installed in each room.

If you could give me a way to include this information automatically it would save a lot of time since I currently have to do it manually.  

I am less interested in having the actual product names since these would usually be too long winded.




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