Material Labels shown in room name

My team (estimators, sales people, project managers...) as agreed that it is necessary to include the material labels in the room name.  When I say material labels I mean from the architect's material key; these would be labels like the following: CPT-1, VCT-1, LVT-1, RB-1...

For example, one room would be named like this, "101, CPT-1, RB-1", and another room like this, "VCT-1, RB-1".  

Often it is difficult to use strongly contrasting color chips for differing materials so when the installer has one of our diagrams he is unsure if a room should have carpet or vinyl tile (because the color chips are similar).  The benefit of naming rooms the way we do then is to help ensure the correct material is installed in each room.

If you could give me a way to include this information automatically it would save a lot of time since I currently have to do it manually.  

I am less interested in having the actual product names since these would usually be too long winded.



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    Hi Jerry,

    I think a lot of users would be interested in this. We may be able to work out a simpler way to do it, but for now I see it as a two step process:

    1. Each product would need to have a new, optional name field in addition to the existing Style Name. We could call this new field "Display Name" or "Installation Name" or something to that effect. The primary, long-winded product name would still go into the Style Name field for the purposes of the Worksheet reports and other areas where you would want to see that information. The Display Name, however, would simply act as a sort of nickname for the product and users could enter whatever they want there.

    2. In the Options for each report (Room Plan, Seam Plan, etc.), users would need an on/off switch to "Display material names with room name". If that's enabled, then another option would appear prompting them to choose whether products' Style Name or Display Name should be shown.

    Please feel free to add a comment if you like that implementation or if you see a better/simpler way of doing this. Thanks for the input!

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  • Justin, 

    I like what you have detailed above.  If it worked just like you describe that would work for me I think.  Would this display name be able to incorporate into bid pro and order entry as well?  I know that is probably a taller order, but it would aid team communication.  I'm happy to take this incrementally as well... Step one accomplish the above in Measure... Step two consider extending to RFMS modules.

    Thank you for considering!

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  • Jerry,

    I don't know for sure if BidPro and Order Entry have corresponding fields, but if they do we can absolutely send that data over. And even if they don't at this time, it's something they could look at adding.

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  • BidPro and Order Entry don't have those fields that I'm aware of.  Assuming you add the fields/function to measure do I need to create a post to request the it be added to the RFMS modules?

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  • After fleshing out a full implementation story I'm seeing that this is a lot more complicated than I first realized. There's no reason it can't be done, but there is a lot to take into consideration in order to get it right. I think I'd hold off suggesting it to the RFMS Core team until we have something tangible implemented in Measure.

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  • Sounds good!  I will watch for it in a future beta if it gets that far.

    Thank you Justin!

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