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My team bids for commercial flooring.  Estimators often work on very large projects, large enough to necessitate multiple measure files (performance is an issue in large files).  Or we have various bid options in separate measure files.  Bids requiring multiple measure files presents two main downfalls for us that could potentially be solved if we had the ability to link two or more measure files.

One: it is difficult to manage the product list across multiple measure files.  If they could be linked, presumably changes made in one file would be automatically adopted in all linked files (product specs and color chip assignment).  This would save time and improve communication.

Two: Currently to consolidate multiple measure files requires manual editing.  I would like to see an option to invoke a consolidated worksheet that sums all like items from all linked files.  This could be a standalone worksheet or could be accessed from any one of the linked files.  I need to be able to export the consolidated worksheet to RFMS.

This would necessitate some sort of link managing tool.

This idea could also include the ability to copy/send a drawing page to a new measure file (similar to Excel function to "Move or Copy..." a sheet to existing or new workbook).

Alternately, if I could append a worksheet to an existing Bid Pro then number Two above would be solved.  However, product list linkage across multiple measure files would be helpful regardless.



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    Thanks for the suggestion! With our upcoming move to 64-bit we hope to solve the vast majority of performance issues, even in very large commercial projects. That leaves us with your second use case: "Or we have various bid options in separate measure files". Assuming performance was no longer an issue, could you place each option on a separate sheet in the same file?

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  • This is an interesting idea.

    You could have a designated person to start the project as an Admin. The Admin could set up the products list, name of products, styles.....whatever, to be used for the project.

    The Admin could push that out to assigned teams. The teams could only use the products the Admin sets. That could cut down on confusion between the teams and like products being created multiple times.

    Maybe allowing the Admin to set Permissions for the teams to see each others part of the same project.

    I could see something like this could be really helpful for hospital work. I do all the work with Measure, however, when Im doing repeat work for our hospital it would be nice to use different files but be linked to the same project. That project file is so stinking big right now. There is definitely a hit in performance.


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  • This would be very helpful for our large projects and it would save a ton of time!

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  • Justin, 

    Assuming performance is no longer an issue you ask, "could you place each option on a separate sheet in the same file?".

    Yes, I with the improved performance I think this is less of a priority.  But I would hope to be able to selectively merge worksheets as was discussed in a phone call with you and Kurt.  

    Regardless, I would still be interested in having the ability to link measure files as sometimes it is necessary to have estimators team up to produce a single bid (or multifaceted bid) because the workload is larger than one estimator can produce in the allotted time.

    If we could export to a new sub of an existing bid pro that would help the cause as the goal would be for estimators to work on separate bid options belonging to the same project.  The added export option would make it easier to have alternate bids in separate measure files. 

    The only hurdle remaining then would be to have a uniform product list shared by multiple files, which is where the link would come in.  If you could accomplish this kind of link, where two measure files have an identical product list (probably need a parent/child relationship), could you then merge the two files once each is complete?  (kind of like copying an Excel sheet to another workbook).  The merge would be just prior to exporting.  The primary estimator would be responsible for proofing and deciding how to group and export.


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  • This concept definitely has merit but it would be a fairly large undertaking. Since our development roadmap is pretty solidly planned through the first quarter of next year, we will have to revisit it then. In the meantime, I'd like to see if we get any more votes or comments from the community.

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