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I need an option to consolidate quantities across multiple worksheets.  The function to do this could be similar to how a change order worksheet is created.  Once created it can then be selected just like a change order worksheet can be.

I realize that the already developed method is to "Merge" drawing sheets, but this increases the canvas size greatly and creates a number of issues; from navigating the drawing to producing a sensible printout to potentially having to reallocate roll goods, to manually edited worksheet sort order being jumbled.

It would more greatly benefit my team to keep drawing pages separate, but be able to select worksheets to consolidate.

This function should also provide an option for quantities to round up to full boxes before consolidation or after.  If after the unboxed quantity across consolidated worksheets is summed, user added waste added, then rounded to full box quantities.  If the user added waste is different per page then use an average.



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    Great suggestion. I believe we've spoken about it directly since this post was made. I just wanted to confirm that we're still planning it.

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