Show or Hide walls per room as a right mouse click option

I lead a team of four commercial estimators.  On a daily bases we each produce on-screen take-offs that include multiple rooms with wall tile.

Currently we can show or hide walls globally.  The usefulness of the global nature of the show/hide buttons is greatly reduced when the walls of adjacent rooms overlap each other.  I show walls so that I can verify they are correct or to edit them in some way.

If the show/hide buttons could be altered so that they only effect the selected rooms (or all rooms if none selected), and/or if a right-click command were available this would be a great improvement.  I could then show walls for one room at a time.



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    I have added this to our development schedule. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  • I 2nd that motion.

    I do a great deal with walls and 3d. 

    This would be so handy

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  • I 3rd this motion, this makes a lot of sense.

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  • This would be a great option to have with the Show All Walls and Hide All Walls tools.

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