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I am looking for a means of exporting the worksheet information to Excel in a format that we can modify and use after the export.  Because of the room information and headers for each product, the spreadsheet isn't easily modifiable.  Is there a way to export the data (even if it is text only) that will look directly like the worksheet?  The pivot table is not easily modifiable either.  Help!



  • If you export from a Form, it is better, however, the data is not in number format.  For example, unit costs export as a text with a currency symbol.

    What I do now is take the pivot table that measure creates, Select Special -> Visible cells only.

    Copy to new spreadsheet.

    Then on that spreadsheet - Data-> Text to Columns and parse out the "$" and make numbers actual numbers.

    At that point we can sort, combine, and use other formulas, but it is a pain to go through those steps.

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  • This is a request I made probably 8 years ago, and would still love to see something more customizable and usable.

    Even if RFMS were to charge for custom spreadsheet exports, it would be worth not have to do so many work-arounds.

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