Sheet Listing and navigation

If one is working on multiple sheets, it is cumbersome to have to scroll sideways one sheet at a time in order to navigate between them or see the sheet content of your project.  And, the little arrow scroll button is ridiculously small.

Please add to the "sheet list" command (when you right click on the sheet name) an ability to jump to the particular sheet within the sheet listing.  

This would enable much quicker, less tedious navigation, and allow one to see the names of all the sheets in the document at once.



  • What you are describing would be similar to how Excel manages multiple sheets.  I agree this would be a helpful upgrade.


    Jean, are you aware... There is a bar that separates the sheet region from the horizontal slide bar.  If you position your cursor over that bar your cursor image will change and you can drag that bar to the right to make the sheet region larger to accommodate more sheets.  I have pasted two images below - before and after moving that bar.

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  • I agree that navigating to a sheet using the sheet list would really improve performance on large jobs with many sheets. We often do hotels and apartment buildings that have six floors and numerous different room sizes/types.

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