Print Report: Detail Roll Goods Worksheet

Problem: We are looking for a cut sheet for the warehouse personnel to take the roll to the cutting machine, make the cuts and check off as complete. RFMS does not produce a clean worksheet with all the information needed. 

Suggestion: Have a way for RFMS to provide the following on a worksheet for rolled goods as a printing report option,

cut number (& able to name the cut number what we want) 

Dye Lot:


Roll # 

check off section


And notes for adding additional instruction SUCH AS specifying where fill pieces for other cuts are to come from, if the room size is different then the width of the material, and  ect.  

For example:

Cut Number Room/SV Location Length Complete Notes
1 106 Master Bdrm 27' 3"   Actual Width: 10' 10" / Use Leftover as plug for 115 Master
2 106 2nd Bdrm 14' 9"   Actual Width: 9' 2" / Use Leftover as plug for 105 Master, 108 Master
3 115 Master Bdrm 20' 3"    
4 115 2nd Bdrm 14' 9"   Actual Width: 11' 1"
5 105 Master Bdrm 14' 9"    
6 108 Master Bdrm 14' 7"    
7 101 Master Bdrm 27' 3"    
8 101 2nd Bdrm 14' 7"    

We are currently doing this manually on an excel spreadsheet, looking to see if RFMS can do this to keep the process in one spot.






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