Combining two projects into one

It would be great to be able to merge two projects into one single one. Use case scenarios:

  • Two people go to measure a job. This could be for training purposes, or it could be a very large job that might take more than one person. Each person measures a part of the job. Then the jobs could be merged into one.
  • A customer's job is measured. 6 months later the customer wants a different part of their home measured but then decides after the fact that they would like to purchase based on the old drawing as well. Both the jobs could be merged.


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    Hi Jon,

    This is a great idea. Are you thinking that only the rooms themselves would be merged, as in the rooms from one project pasted into another project? Or, are you expecting that other data would also be copied over, including Room Notes, Photos, Products, etc? 

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  • Preferably, the entire project contents would be merged over if possible. However, at a minimum, if the rooms on the drawing screen could be merged that would be sufficient.

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  • Thanks, Jon. That is helpful information. 

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