Edit Terms and Conditions on RFMS Mobile quote

This is more to do with RFMS Mobile as opposed to Measure Mobile, but...

When using "Terms and Conditions", these blocks of text are editable from the proposal view in Measure Mobile, but for users who export the project to RFMS Mobile, the terms and conditions are not editable (nor do they inherit the edits made on Measure Mobile). Can we add this functionality to RFMS Mobile?

This ability would be useful because often the content of the Terms and Conditions needs to be customised for the customer, or because project-specific details such as dates, names, and prices need to be inserted into various places in the text.

The reason the 'project notes' field wouldn't be a solution is that the entire block of text would have to be typed or pasted in each time. Using Terms and Conditions allows for a large amount of pre-determined text to be added to the project very quickly (like a recurring note).




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