Add-Ons for Add-Ons with a product.

For sometime now when adding an add on to a material it reverts back to the main add-on.  If the add-on is actually an add-on to an add-on that is. I know it's a confusing way to describe. Often we'll have someone create a Cove Base add-on, and under that all the different colors that might be used which are the same type of Cove Base. Cove Base 1,2,3 etc. If's fixable by just creating a new seperate add on for each color. Thought most tend to not realize this is an issue until they've done this on a large take off.  Then needing to drop back and fix each where these rooms now don't have the correct color. Would be great if we're able to add, add-ons of add-ons that those stick. Thus not reverting back, hard to not do it when the option is there. OR if it came up as an error not allowing it to be done in the first place? Just a thought.



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  • I have had this issue often as well.

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