Splitting a room with add-on's - Issue

Currently running: Measure Premier - Desktop

Version: v15.0 Build 3692

I did not see a "Bug Report" area so I am posting this here.

Measure Desktop still has an issue when you split a room with add-on's.  Some add-on's get moved randomly in rooms that are adjacent to a split room (NOT THE SPLIT ROOM ITSELF).  Some add-on's do not appear on the general take-off, however, if you select the split room and click "Add-On" it will actually be there.  If you have a straight line and added a point in the middle, splitting the room will remove that point.  Randomly, when you split a room, the add-on will be carried through the split.

I have experienced this in multiple different take-off's.  Not sure if anyone else has seen this, if you have please comment here.

Thank you.




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