Adding Ceramic Tile Base as Addon

I would be nice to be able to add tile base just like you do cove base or millwork. You can only choose from miscellaneous materials and they don't account for sizes of products such as tile. I do large scale commercial jobs that call for tile base all throughout the project and it is quite a pain to have to then go back and take the linear footage and figure out how many pieces you need. Not to mention that you still have to use a higher overage rate because you don't know where the tiles end. Just like in cove base you can't use 60 1" pieces to do a 5ft wall.



  • I ended up doing a flap wall as you say. Works well, but you end up with a messy  looking drawing!!

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  • Yes that is true.

    I agree, it would be nice to do it as an add-on

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  • I have the same question you have!! Did you ever get a solution on how to do it. As you say doing it as an add-on would be great, but the program does not allow that method to be used. I am stumped, like you...

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  • The work around is to create a flap (wall) and set the height to the size of the 3"


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