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If at all possible, is there a way to add an icon to reconfigure Cut Sheet sheet automatically. Currently, the only way to reconfigure cut sheet is to either do it manually (Tetris as I call it) or make a slight change to a seam. I remember working with the Flooring Wizard program which had a cut sheet refresh in which it would change and give more options each time the icon was selected



  • Hi George, I created a ticket and sent this response there as well in case you have questions you can follow up there. 

    There are two options. Under the seams tab you can click "Recalculate Now"  which will recalculate the cut plan layout. It will not reset seams or pattern positions.  Or you can go to the home tab and select the room and hit "Fit to Grid" this will reallocate the rolls and reset the seams. 

    Here is Recalculate Now

    Here is Fit to Grid

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  • I believe George is requesting Multiple computer-generated options for Cut plans instead of just one computer-generated one. 

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