Stairs - Riser and Tread count

When creating stairs in the Desktop version (i believe it is the same situation in Mobile), the stair tool does not account for a riser at the top of the stairs. For instance, if I tell the program that I have 15 stairs, it will draw 15 treads and 15 risers. As far as I can tell, this is never going to be accurate. If you have 15 treads, you will have 16 risers. So if I tell the software to do 16 stairs, which makes the riser count accurate, it will include 16 treads also. Has anyone found a work around for this other than manually changing either the riser or tread count? If you use the quick stair tool and select one that has a landing, it will account for the riser at the top of the lower set of steps, but not the riser at the top of the upper set. 



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     Measure will treat stairs and landings as an installer would. 

    One stair equals 1 tread & 1 riser, so if you put in15 stairs you get 15 treads and risers. The "16th" riser you are referring to isn't part of the stair, but part of the landing, and that measurement, be it 7 or 8 inches, should be included in the size of the landing.

    The quick stair with a landing in your example contains the extra riser, as it belongs to the landing and not the stairs

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  • David

    Not if the last riser is at the top of the stairway. Josh is correct that we need to be able to add an extra riser without adding an extra step.


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