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When drawing, sometimes product placement isn't the goal. With that in mind, it would be nice for Measure to show a running total of linear footage on the bottom bar of the screen when using the polyline function, whether angled, right-angled, or whatever. For instance, if you have a room that would take 7 edges to complete the room, but you only need the linear footage of 3 contiguous pieces, it would be nice to see the polyline running total of the linear footage at the bottom of the screen.



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    Hi Joel,

    This is an interesting suggestion that would not be difficult to add. I can certainly see the merit in being able to see linear footage as you draw. We may not get to it right away but I will make sure it is considered.

    For now, though, I would suggest using a perimeter based add-on with the "Selected Segments" calculation method. In the example below, I just wanted to apply covebase to the three bottom segments, so I selected the room, ctrl+clicked each segment so that they were all selected, and applied covebase. Since specific sides of the room were selected when the covebase was assigned, the software understood that I only wanted it to be applied to those segments.


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