"Include Subdivided Areas" for the Calculation Methods

For applications where there are two colors in a drawing- like spots with sheet vinyl, it would be useful if you could use the area add-ons, but not the perimeter.  If you put a green circular spot in a room I would want to have adhesive and installation for it, but I would not want wall base or wall base labor.

Room add-ons are not ideal, because it makes reviewing very difficult.  You would have to verify every room to know that perimeter add-ons are correct.  With the above method available, we would be able to review the products list and its calculations to be able to verify that everywhere there is this spot, base is not included, but the area calculations are.  You would also be able to create  a product called spot welding which would calculate the heatweld required around a spot.

This would be useful for tile as well.  Use of the tile editor messes up perimeter add-ons.  If you could include spots that are different tile colors, this method would work as well.



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    Hi Dennis,

    We don't currently plan to implement a new add-on calculation method to include/exclude material areas, though that could change in the future. I think Jeff's suggestion of using Product Add-ons is sound though. 


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  • I may have an answer for you.  Transitions (CTRL + SHIFT + T) and the add-ons in the products.  For sheet vinyl you can do the adhesives and labor as add-ons with no changes.  You can also make an add-on called weld rod which is calculated based on seams only.   

    You can also make a perimeter add-on for something like rubber base.  There is one thing you have to uncheck though.  In the 'Default Calc Method' in the products tab you have to Uncheck the box for 'Include any transitions'  This will make your perimeter add-on ignore the dot when you surround the dot with a transition.

    For the perimeter add-on to ignore the dot you need a transition around the dot.  So basically just CTRL + SHIFT + T around the dot.  For a circle you can come pretty close to circling the entire dot before the direction changes (usually within an inch).  This is usually close enough for me - one inch of base is not going to make or break anything.  Once you have the transition around the dot, the Transition Editor will pop-up.  For the product, select your weld rod you want to use and then click 'Create punch out' and make sure 'Transition may be shared across rooms' is checked.  Click OK.  Now you can add your perimeter add-on to the room and it will not include anywhere there is a transition.  If you have base as an add-on for both sheet vinyls, it will still only calculate the perimeter where there is no transition.

    Hope this helps.

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  • The best option is to avoid Premeter Product Add-Ons with products that will be used in sub-divided areas.

    Room Add-Ons are the best option currently.  

    I'll get with development to talk about an additional calc method, the room add-on options are functional but time-consuming 

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