Automated Search of Cloud DB product is not working

I spoke to tech support back in August 2021 and I just got notified today to submit a ticket here.


Here is our communication regarding the issue:

Chat started: 2021-08-18 01:56 PM UTC
(01:56:15 PM) Heather Pearson: I just downloaded the recent update of measure 4099 and I noticed when I try to import a product nothing is pulling up in the database. I have to search through the store. Is there somewhere where I can turn that feature back on or is it a glitch in the system?
(01:58:05 PM) Corbin Brantley: You will have to hit the search through store button to search the database. What it loads automatically is usually products in your cloud.
(01:59:39 PM) Heather Pearson: Yes, the loading automatically feature is not working.
(02:00:12 PM) Corbin Brantley: Can I log in with you and take a look?

Hi Heather,
As always it was great working with you. I have reported the issue with the search function under case MSR-5523. I was able to use an older version to show it working vs not working.  I'll alert you as soon as its resolved.
Thank you
Corbin Brantley



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    5/4/22 Update:

    Hi Heather,

    We are planning to revisit this based on your comments.

    Products flagged in RFMS as "Measure Products" do indeed sync to the Cloud and could thus benefit from real-time searching. However, we still want to protect users from accidentally bringing in Cloud-only products that could end up as unreferenced lines when exported back to RFMS.

    The solution we are currently pursuing is a simple on/off toggle that allows RFMS users to opt in to searching the Cloud if they so desire. This would allow you to restore the functionality that was lost.

    Thank you for your feedback!


    Original reply:

    Hi Heather,

    Thank you for the feedback. From your description of the issue it sounds like this was part of an intentional change. If you're interested in the reasoning behind it, I'll explain below:

    There are two different types of product searches available to Measure users depending on whether or not they are connected to an RFMS database. When you log into the application it determines which to utilize.

    1. Not connected to RFMS
      In this instance, the user may have manually created products saved in the Cloud. Since Cloud-based product lists tend to be significantly smaller than a full RFMS product file, it is possible to do real time searching as soon as the user types a few characters.

    2. Connected to RFMS database
      When Measure is connected to an RFMS database, the product search skips Cloud products and instead directly searches RFMS. Since this type of search requires an API call, it would not be feasible to search in real time as the delays would likely be significant. Additionally, if a user is connected to RFMS there is no option to import Cloud based products as that would result in unreferenced lines when exporting back to RFMS.
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  • I am not sure if I totally understand your answer. But when I open measure, click “Edit Products”, click “Search Database”, type in a product name in the search bar. Normally something will automatically populate without clicking the “Search Store” button. This is no longer working. I physically have to click the “Search Store” to get any product to load.

    It doesn't matter if the product has been manually created in RFMS or if they are created via ecommerce, literally nothing is generated. Also, I log out every single day and ever since the last update in August this feature has not worked.

    Because this auto feature is not functioning, we must click the "Search Store" button which pulls up the item in our 20 different store locations. There are way too many items to search through because each item is in multiple stores and with various sizes, colors, finishes.... This is extremely time consuming to measure a single job because we spend most of the time trying to locate the products to import due to this issue.

    I have not complained about it before because I was told this would be fixed in the next update but now you are telling me this was intentional. If that is the case, can I get a link to download the previous version? We have measured over 391 jobs in the last 30 days and the time it takes to finish each job has doubled.

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