Labor, Service or Sundry Add-ons for Add-on Products (i.e. Shoe, Luan, etc.)

This would be a great improvement.  Whenever we have Add-ons for Shoe Molding, Tile Base, Luan, Cement Backer, Waterproofing, etc., we are unable to have a Labor Rate, Service Line, or Sundry linked to any particular Add-on Product.   



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    Hi James,

    In the past we have purposely avoided allowing nested Add-ons due to the risk of users ending up with an unwieldy tangle of interlinked products and services that could be very confusing and even throw off their quantities. Nevertheless, the example you provide makes a lot of sense.

    We are currently looking at ways to allow limited use of nested Add-ons. For instance, you might be able to apply Service items to a Misc. product, but be prevented from then applying a third layer of Add-ons to the Service product itself. Hopefully that makes sense.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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