Tile - Offset or Common Patterns per Room

Is it possible for the developers to create a Drop Mown to change the pattern per room rather than having to duplicate a product, create a Quick Tile, create a Custom Tile Pattern or create several different products with different offset patterns for every tile?

Maybe a drop down that covered more than just 1/3 Offset, 1/4 Offset, etc, and maybe even the ability to select other common patterns such as Herringbone, Chevron, etc.  

I know that you can create Quick Tiles, but thought a drop down menu option within Room Properties or similar to the "Pattern Start" and "Calculation" Drop Downs in the Tile & Patterns Menu Bar.



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    The ability to set a tile offset/drop on a per-room basis is coming soon!

    As for applying patterns, that will still still need to be done from the Quick Tile library, the Custom Pattern interface, or the Tile Editor.

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  • Is there a way to in product edit to set the pattern there?  When I do quick tile on a room, it deletes all the add-ons that I put into this tile in product edit.  Then I do add-ons and reselect all my add-ons.  If there is more than one area I sometimes copy and past the area with the pattern, then change the area to fit what I need, but then I have to delete any other add-ons like metals, thresholds, different labor lines, Etc... I should be able to set the pattern and any add-ons for that tile and be able to use it area without having to do so much extra. 

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