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It would be fantastic to be able to select a background colour when placing a text box on a drawing. This would help to highlight important comments and/or information.

I only know how I use the reports etc. and sometimes I would prefer to have a simple white background for my text boxes, so they don't get so lost in the diagram, but if I could have a choice of colours I could illustrate different levels of importance, or tie a comment in with a product or service. I think this would also give the sales and installation teams additional help when it comes to "seeing" the details that we believe are crucial and essential to a successful project. It may help if the text box had a definitive, optional outline as well.



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    We are currently working on a number of new ways to annotate drawings. These new features will be available to our testers soon.

    If you would like to try new features and offer feedback on them before they are released to the public, please contact and indicate that you would like to participate in the Measure Desktop beta program.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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  • I 2nd that

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  • I second this as well.  Our installers claim they dont see the notes because they blend into the background (the blueprint).  Being able to call attention to a text box by means of a colored background on the text box itself would be tremendous.  TIA!

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  • What if we could "Group" or "Attach" Text boxes and Highlights together?

    Then both would move together........

    Being able to group several Text boxes together so they would move at the same time would be nice also.

    That would save us time on going thru and Ctl Clicking everytime we needed to move more than one at a time

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