Carpet cut Sheet

I would like to be able to print off a sheet that gives me my carpet cut lengths. When i print them now, it just gives me square footage. I would like to be able to figure a print, then have a sheet like,

BED 1- 14'3

BED 2- 16'0

MASTER- 21'6

HALL- 15'0

FILL- 14'3




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    My friends iquantify and Jeff Turner speak truth.  The "Cut Plan Instructions" report will give you exactly what you are asking about.

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  • Hi Michael, you need to change the settings for what is included in the report, the info you want is already available. Or call your local support, you are just a few mouse clicks away from happiness! 

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  • Click the three lines at the top left of the screen (File).  Click Print.  Select Cut Plan Instructions.  If you want to actually see the pieces instead of just text, select Cut Plan.

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