Laser measuring increments in Line Draw

It would be helpful to have MM go up in 1/2" increments rather than round up to the nearest inch. Currently the Disto laser shoots the measurement, ie: 2'6 1/16th, and MM will input that as 2'7 because it rounds up to the next inch increment. This is fine for hard surface. Its more wasteful though with roll products in a complicated room with multiple parallel walls. The total width from the starting point to the furthest parallel wall can be close to 3" longer from the round ups. We typically take the net length of the cut and add a few inches by default so that we know we have enough for stretching. Obviously you can shoot the measurement and then manually input that into the program but that defeats the efficiency aspect of bluetooth. 

Ideally I would like to see MM have 1/2" increments when in Line Draw. The settings that are available right now in line draw don't allow that to happen.



  • For myself, anything under 1" is cutting too fine a line.  Keep in mind you are estimating flooring and ultimately you what to estimate the amount it takes to install the job, especially with rolls goods. 3 inches across a room is nothing and will be needed by the installer.

    As a former installer, I want the extra material as we can't pour the material out of a bucket. As a Measure trainer for 20 years, the biggest mistake I see users make is trying to be too tight on their measurements. 

    A competitive number is important, but I would rather lower my price than lower my quantities which ultimately affect installation and the grey areas every installer comes across in the field.  

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  • Thats a good point and I agree with what you're saying. Once in a while it would be good to know what the exact measurements are for proportion and seam placements which is when I would use this feature. 

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