Desktop License Check-outs

What are license check-outs?

Measure requires a constant connection to the internet so that it can maintain contact with our licensing server. The license check-out duration is the amount of time a user can stay in the Measure software without a connection to the internet. Each Measure user has a check-out duration assigned to them. This is set when the user is created and the default length of time is 15 minutes.

The shorter the check-out duration the quicker a license will become available in the event a computer is turned off, suspended, or crashes. A longer duration provides more leeway for situations where your company's internet or power goes out, or if the user's computer is frequently taken in and out of network availability.

 Note: For standard (not marked as "extended") durations, Measure always logs out when closed by clicking the "X" in the top right - immediately freeing the license for use by another user.

What are extended license check-outs?

Check-out durations of two days or longer are considered as extended check-outs. An extended check-out behaves just like a standard check-out, in that it can continue to run for a time after internet connectivity is lost. But unlike standard check-outs, the license is not immediately released when a user with an extended check-out closes the software. This allows the user to log in from a location with an internet connection, then close the software down and access it again from another location that may not have connectivity available.

How does it work?

If a user is in Measure and their connection to the internet drops, an invisible countdown is started based on their set check-out duration. If the connection is resumed within that time, the countdown is stopped and use of Measure continues uninterrupted. If the connection is not restored before the countdown concludes, Measure will save the current project and shut down.

 Note: You cannot change the duration of a check-out once the countdown has started. The user setting takes effect when the license is initially checked out to that user.

Setting a user's check-out duration

This is done from within the RFMS Online Services website accessible by company administrators and managers. Below is a screenshot of the dialog where the check-out setting can be found. For more information on adding and editing users please see our Add/Edit Users article.



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