2. Setting up the Product List

One of the first steps in starting a new project is adding and/or importing the products that will be needed. This section will teach you how to do that, along with how to establish a default product list, and understand how the product list is organized.

1.   Product List Overview (3:12)

2.   Importing Products from RFMS (1:53)

3.   Importing Products from the Cloud (1:09)

4.   Importing Products from Other Projects (0:50)

5.   Creating New Products - Part 1 (3:43)

6.   Creating New Products - Part 2 (3:15)

7.   Setting Up a Default Product List (3:45)

8.   Customizing the Product List (2:19)

9.   Miscellaneous Product List Features (3:27)

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