How do I reset Measure to Default Values?

Resetting Measure to default values give you a clean slate to begin working from. Additionally, our support department may ask you to do so as a troubleshooting step.

This action will remove all personal settings you have made in the program. Some of these settings can be restored using a previously saved Measure project file.

Personal Settings Affected:

Can be Restored with a Previous Project Cannot be Restored/Must be saved to the cloud first
  • Defualt Product List
  • Measure Options under User Settings
    • Display Options
    • Drawing Options
  • Measure Options under Project Settings
    • General Settings (i.e., Unit of Measure)
    • Estimating Settings (i.e., Seams and Cuts)

 Tip: Share your designs to the company library then import them after resetting Measure.

How to Reset Measure's Values to Default

  1. Search your PC for "reset measure" and select it.
  2. A box will pop up asking if you're sure. 

How to Restore Product List and Measure Options Project and User Settings

 Tip: Select a Measure project that contains a basic product list you usually start your products with.

  1. Open a Measure project file.
  2. Navigate to the product list and select Save as Default.
  3. Go to File>Measure Options>Project Settings and select Save as Default.
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