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I am looking for a means of exporting the worksheet information to Excel in a format that we can modify and use after the export.  Because of the room information and headers for each product, the spreadsheet isn't easily modifiable.  Is there a way to export the data (even if it is text only) that will look directly like the worksheet?  The pivot table is not easily modifiable either.  Help!



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  • If you export from a Form, it is better, however, the data is not in number format.  For example, unit costs export as a text with a currency symbol.

    What I do now is take the pivot table that measure creates, Select Special -> Visible cells only.

    Copy to new spreadsheet.

    Then on that spreadsheet - Data-> Text to Columns and parse out the "$" and make numbers actual numbers.

    At that point we can sort, combine, and use other formulas, but it is a pain to go through those steps.

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