How to Edit Products in Measure Mobile

Products can be edited from within the product list or from the drawing screen. This can be done whether you use an RFMS database or not.

Video Tutorials



Edit through the Products Screen


  1. Switch to the Products screen
  2. Select a product category
  3. Select a product
  4. Tap the edit button, edit.png in tool bar

Edit through the Drawing Screen


  1. Select a room with the product you want to edit
  2. Select the product under the Room tab
  3. Tap the edit button, edit.png, next to the product style name

What can be Edited?

(Click to enlarge)

  • Style Name
  • Size
  • Pattern Info
  • Unit Price
  • Sales Unit
  • Cut Gap
  • Cut Type
  • Cut Increment
  • Waste
  • Tax Info

 Note: Be sure to tap Save to apply any changes

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